there real

there real


* Silk Lash

* Bridal Collection

* Reusable up to 10 wears with proper care

* Comes in beautiful Diamond magnetic enclosed box 



Since this lash is a Silk lash the lash band is not as thick as the Mink Lashes.



    Look at HOW TO APPLY VIDEO on main page


    Due to the nature of the item, for sanitary purposes there are no refunds or exchanges.  In the unlikely event you receive a damaged item, we will gladly replace it within 30 days of the date of purchase.

    For damaged item(s), please include your order # and return to:

    Glam R Gal Cosmetics

    Renata De Grange
    10168 Jefferson Hwy New Orleans LA 70123

    For all other questions or inquires, please contact us at


    Flat Rate Shipping in the US $5.00 and International $15.00; shippied First Class with USPS.

    Orders are shipped Monday-Friday.

    Please allow 1-3 days for processing before your order is shipped.

    Please allow extra days for shipping and delivery due to COVID19. 

  • CARE


    When all is said and done and your ready to unmask from your makeup you want to properly remove your lashes. 

    1. Gently remove your lash one eye at a time by lifting the lash off the skin at the band at the outer corner of the eye pulling toward the inner eye. Never pull the lashes by the lash hairs, but always by the band.

    2. Repeat for the other eye.

    3. Store your lashes in the Glam R Gal stoarge diamond box that the lashes came in, or to easily store and travel with multiple pairs, place up to 2 paris on the plastic ; or take the plastic out and store as many in the box itself.


    Care While not in Use.

    1. Place lashes back in the box they came in to proctect them from getting harmed.

    2. After many wears of use you will most likely have buildup on your lashes. Use a clean mascara spooly to clean them. Gently brush them especially your minks because these lashes are super fragile. You can also carefully remove excess glue build up off the band with tweezers. 


    PRO TIP: To increase the longevity and maintain the orginal style of your Glam R Gal lashes even furhter, do not apply mascara directly on them. 

    Apply mascara first , allow to dry, then place the lash on your eye. Once glue is dry go ahead with curling your lashes with an eye lash curler .. gently